13 January 2014

The start of 2014 and a new painting chapter!

A year has almost past since my last real painting session on 28mm SPQR related minis, mainly due to the fact I've been very busy with the other parts of life.  I retired from the US Army after 24 years and began a brand new civilian career.  My new work requires me to travel a lot domestically and abroad.  So I've not had the time or the drive to sit down and just go all out painting over the last 12 months or so.  However, this new blog with showcase my renewal into fielding a unit of the Imperial Roman Army of the 1st century--the early Roman Empire period (my favorite of all ancients).

I'll do so with an eye on the leadership team of the six centuries that made up the post Augusta-era Legion's Cohort.  I'm particularly partial to the role of the Optio, as I spent the majority of my military service in a role very similar to that of the Roman Army Optio...a trusted adviser, motivator and a critical member of the unit's leadership team.  As seen on my old blog, "Shield Up...Hold the Line!" I've previously painted some Warlord Games' Celts, Britons and 100 or so of Aventine's outstanding Early Imperial Romans (EIRs) and their mounted Roman cavalry figures.  Aventine figures are truly great but lack a sort of action-like stance I want now.

That said, for my newly re-energized efforts I'm branching out to include EIR minis from both Wargame Foundry and Warlord Games.  The primary activity will be modeling both the legionaries in action poses and the leadership figures.  I want to change up some of my old modeling techniques related to basing and my old painting method, but nothing to severe and I'll continue to rely mostly on P3 Formula acrylic paints with some Vallejo and Foundry in the mix, as well as the Army Painter Dip system.

Now that life has once again gotten into a "normal" routine and I have spare time for this great hobby, I plan to complete an entire 480-man Cohort (6 Centuria), plus 4 squadrons or Turmae of auxiliary cavalry (~96 mounted men) and a few crew-served weapons (e.g. Scorpion) during 2014.  My theme and setting for modeling action will be the Battle of Weser River (16 AD) part of the Roman retaliatory campaign for the great loses suffered at Teutoberg Wald (Forest).  This battle is widely thought of as the inspiration for the opening scene woods battle in the great movie "Gladiator."

Wish me luck!