16 March 2014

Work In Progress: EIR War Machines

I was able to pick this box set of Warlord Games Roman War Machines on eBay for almost a 30% discount off the WLG website U.S. price.  I am sorting out the bits and pieces and see the resin parts are detailed pretty well, but fit concerns me.
I start on the large Roman Ballista -- sorting through the assorted parts and cleaning up mold lines/clipping off extra plastic and testing the fit.  I instantly see that the left torsion bar and rope piece is molded to small and doesn't reach the top of the stanchion frame when fitted.
I use gap-filling CA glue to make up the difference with CA insta-set spray.  I will use nylon bristles off a large house-hold paint brush for the draw-ropes later on for the war machines (during painting).
I sort the metal figures included with the WLG box set, as well as adding two minis from the Wargames Foundry's Scorpion set.  I'm basing the war machines on 2mm MDF 40mm round bases (from the always excellent Warbases.com), using my standard Gorilla Glue and metal washer method.  I always create two 40mm round base scenes with minis and ammunition for the re-loaders.
I file and scrap mold lines and flash off the front of the Scorpion stanchion frames.  Once again WLG did a poor job with these pieces as they don't fit correctly onto the slider rail.  So I had to improvise and CA glue them in place as best I could.  Typically you'd want the slider rail to protrude forward slightly from the stanchion frame as the prototypes do, but this isn't possible from what I see due to WLG's poor resin molding and fit.
I prep up the figures and war machines once the bases are dry for priming.  Minis are primed my standard P3 Black Primer and the war machines are primed P3 White Primer (as I want to work on wood grain for these later).
Letting them dry and then will paint them up! To be continued...