31 January 2014

WGF and WLG Comparisons

Side by side comparison of Pila and Scutums by various model maker studios.  Left is Aventine, middle is Warlord Games (WLG) & right is Wargames Foundry (WGF).  I think I like the Wargames Foundry Scutum shields the best out of the three.  The WLG "Hail Caesar" shields are way way to small--not even remotely close to the correct size.  Aventine's shields are simply gigantic in size.  I'll use the WGF shields for my new cohort and then use the following LBMS shield transfers on them:
And I always knew the Pila from Aventine were to way long.  WGF and WLG pila are very similar in size, perhaps a tad too small but closer to the prototype I think.  However, oddly enough WLG's Pila have some with a "ball" beneath the metal anchor head and some without.  None of the WGF javelins have the "ball"; not sure I understand why that is.
This is the WLG Primus Pilus (senior Centurion) figure.  I like the figure overall.  He is mounted on 2mm MDF base with a metal washer.  As with all WLG metal minis, it required a good bit of clean up to remove metal extra flash spur and mold lines.
Side by side of the WLG Primus Pilus metal mini and a WGF Legionary metal mini.
Here is the WLG Legionary plastic mini with Pilum.  I've glued on the head and the arm holding the javelin.  I like the idea of the plastic figures since I can pose them in different positions.  The upsetting thing to me is that the WLG plastic minis have smallish sized Gladius (swords).  They should have modeled the swords the same size as their Centurion figure.