01 February 2014

Quality Control Persons -- a dying breed?

I'm frustrated with Warlord Games' (WLG) Primus Pilus metal mini.  I have 3 of the figures and with each one of them the Gladius (sword) is different.  The 2mm MDF based Primus Pilus Centurion on left is prefect, after some sanding and mold line removal.  The middle Centurion is sort of okay, with the sword being slightly misshapen and short.  The right Centurion is a complete no-go; the sword is just a nub...come on how is he going to stab a dirty barbarian?!
I've written WLG about the issue and will await their reply.  It's un-sat to release models like this.  I miss the high quality standard of Aventine's minis for sure.

UPDATE: I received word back from Dave at WLG and he has assured me that two new Primus Pilus Centurion figures are on the way as of 6 February and the swords were inspected.  Hooray!