28 February 2014

On the Painting Table: EIR Legion Standard Bearers

I started on my EIR Legion Standard Bearers first grouping.  From left to right, a Cornicen carrying the Century's Cornu (Horn), an Aquilifer carrying the Legion's Aquila (Eagle), an Imaginifer carrying the image bust of the Emperor, a Vexillarius carrying the Cohort's Vexilla (Flag), and a Signifer carrying the Century's Signum (Standard) with Philarae (Disks) topped with a Manus (Hand) image. 
I'm using a variety of colors on the animal pelts worn over the armor of the standard bearers.  P3's Ironhull Grey, Bastion Grey and Greatcoat Grey for the wolves.  P3's Bloodstone Brown and Gun Corps Brown for the bears.  I will wash and drybrush them later, so for now I do want sort of bright and gaudy looking colors.  I'm using Liquid Leaf's Classic Gold toxic paint to paint the gold portions of the standards.  I want it really shiny now as the Army Painter Quick Shade dip varnish will dull it down a lot.
Painting Table Tips: Whenever I open a new paint pot I add a few stainless steel nuts or washer to it. This helps stir the paint when I shake it prior to use in order to get a good mix of the paint pigments and the acrylic medium.  Also, after knocking over one to many paint pots, I drilled holes the correct sizes for both wide paint pots (like Foundry and P3) and the narrower Army Painter and Vallejo style paint bottles into wooden bamboo drink coasters flipped upside down.  This way the paint pots/bottles stay safe from me bumping into them and I can move them around quickly/easily without spilling them.