03 March 2014

Work In Progress: My Batavian Auxilia Soldier

I really like the Warlord Games' EIR Auxiliaries -- the metal alloy ones that is.  The plastic version not so much.  I've come to really dislike Warlord Games' plastic offerings overall.  They look to skinny/skimpy and "cheapy" (even when primed) compared to their Warlord Games metal alloy brethren.  The oval shield is from Aventine Miniatures as I like it much better than the stock Warlord Games' oval shields...with LBMS decal.
My Legion's Auxilia unit is from the Germanic tribe Batavian, living near Batavodurum Noviomagus (present day Nijmegen, Holland).  He is armed with a spear and an oval auxiliary shield, called a Clipeus.  I painted him with Braccae (trousers) dyed blue using P3's Cyngar Blue.  I painted his scarf a light green to match the green on the Auxilia shield transfer from LBMS using P3's Wurm Green.  He's in chain mail armor and I painted his helmet a bronze color with P3's Brass Balls.  The sword hilt is painted a dark wood color using P3's Bloodtracker Brown.